The Internet and Instant Artist Fakery.

My over all thoughts and perceptions over the past couple of years accumulated.

Please stop making collodion show off videos and really bad. inaccurate tutorials. We all know how long you’ve been shooting collodion. It’s not about the process. Collodion does not make you and instant artist. If you had nothing inside to offer before you have nothing to offer now. Head shots are mostly just head shots no matter what kind of camera or technique.

Some poeple have been actively shooting collodion for ten to twenty years. Some stay more that craftsman, some add a narrative and take it further. I have to really respect both. I hope I am shooting for years to come and can actually offer some thing to others. I also work hard to bring worth while imagery to the viewer and don’t try to push my coolness on anyone. The instant asshole art fartist does not impress me one bit.

However, everyone has a starting point. It’s just that if one thinks all they need is the tools and that’s good enough they are missing an entire universe of possibility.

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